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Bauer S17 Vapor XLTX Pro YTH Skate-

Bauer Vapor LTX Pro: an exclusive skate model developed in c..
C$109.99 C$67.49

S19 Supreme 2S Pro YTH Shin Guard -

Engineered with the needs of the younger player in mind, the..

S19 Super Tacks AS1 Shin Guards Yth

Designed for the future stars of the game, the Youth Super T..

EPSPTK Super Tacks Yth Elbow Pads


Construction: E-FIT SLEEVE - Easy slip on for an..

SPQLT Quicklite Shoulder Pads Yth -

Molded PE Shoulder Caps
Molded PE Biceps
Integrated Molded..

Bauer Supreme S 160 YTH Skate-

The Bauer Supreme skate family is built for explosive power ..
C$109.99 C$74.99

Bauer Supreme 160 YTH Skate-

Give your feet something comfortable to skate in with the Ba..
C$109.99 C$74.99

Bauer Supreme S 140 YTH Skate-

Maximize your child's performance with the Bauer S140 Youth ..
C$69.99 C$48.99

Bauer RE-AKT 100 Yth Helmet Combo-

The Bauer Re-Akt 100 Youth Hockey Helmet Combo is built with..

HSYJS40 Jetspeed 40 flex Yth

The new CCM Jetspeed Youth Hockey Stick features three uniqu..

Bauer Prodigy Comp Stick

The PRODIGY® Stick features an enlarged end cap and instruc..

Bauer Vapor X500 YTH Skate-

The Bauer Vapour X500 YTH skates is a good fit for your chil..