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S19 Super Tacks AS1 Sr Glove -

The new Super Tacks AS1 glove is the next evolution in prote..
C$229.99 C$137.99

Super Tacks AS1 Skate SR - 7D - MSRP $999.99

The CCM AS1 comes with a Carbon Composite one-piece boot off..

HT310 Tacks 310 Sr Helmet Blk

The CCM Tacks 310 Helmet debuts exciting D30 Lite foam pods ..

S19 Tacks 9080 Sr Glove -

The new Tacks 9080 glove is the next evolution in protection..
C$169.99 C$101.99

EPCLAP Classic Pro Sr Tacks Elbow Pads

CCM Tacks Classic Pro: an exclusive elbow pad model develope..

S19 Tacks 9080 Jr Glove -

Tacks 9080 glove is the next evolution in protection and fee..
C$139.99 C$83.99

SKCLAP S18 Tacks Classic Pro JR D

The CCM Tack Classic Pro Junior Skate has a stiff boot helpi..

S19 Super Tacks AS1 Yth Elbow Pads

Designed for the future stars of the game, the Youth Super T..
C$39.99 C$23.99

S19 Super Tacks AS1 Yth Pants

Designed for hockey's future stars, the Youth Super Tacks AS..
C$74.99 C$44.99

HT710 Tacks 710 Sr Helmet Blk

I.Q. Shion liner with D30® Lite and R.E.D. system for a bet..