Senior Composite

H16 Nexus 1N Sr Griptac Stick

The 2017 Nexus lineup from Bauer is all about allowing you t..
C$339.99 C$249.99

Sher-wood Rekker EK60 Sr Stick

Sherwood was inspired and motivated to bring the hockey mark..
C$229.99 C$137.99

S19 Vapor Flylite Sr Grip Stick

The Vapor Flylite stick is designed to get your shot off lig..

S18 Vapor 1X Lite Grip Sr Stick

The all-new 2017 Vapor 1X LITE stick is made to optimize you..
C$339.99 C$203.99

Alpha QX Sr Stick

New for the 2017 season is Warrior’s Alpha QX Grip Senior ..

True XC9 ACF Sr Stick

True’s next generation of X-Series hockey sticks comes in ..
C$299.99 C$209.99

S19 BLACK Vapor Flylite Sr Stick

Brand new for late 2019 is the Bauer Vapor FlyLite Shadow Se..

S18 Nexus 2N Pro 60" Sr Grip Stick

Used by some of the game's best, the 2N PRO features the new..

Sher-wood Rekker EK365 Sr Stick

The New Rekker family is the successful result of many years..
C$259.99 C$149.99

EK45 Sher-wood Sr Hockey Stick

Armed with a slick graphics and top end features the EK45 fo..
C$129.99 C$79.99

Sher-wood EK40 Sr Stick

Sher-Wood Rekker EK40 is the answer for all of the snipers a..
C$119.99 C$79.99

S19 Supreme 2S Pro Sr Griptac Stick

Durability, performance and power. The Supreme 2S Pro stick ..