Bauer Supreme S 160 YTH Skate - MSRP $109.99

The Bauer Supreme skate family is built for explosive power ..
C$109.99 C$74.99

SK50K Ribcor 50K Yth Skate - 11D - MSRP $149.99

CCM’s RIBCOR series was designed to give the player Mind B..
C$149.99 C$69.99

Bauer Vapor X500 YTH Skate-

The Bauer Vapour X500 YTH skates is a good fit for your chil..

Super Tacks AS3 Yth Hockey Skates

The CCM Super Tacks AS3 YTH Hockey Skate is CCM's most robus..

Bauer Supreme 160 YTH Skate-

Give your feet something comfortable to skate in with the Ba..
C$109.99 C$74.99

S21 Vapor XLTX PRO+ YTH Skate

3D lasted CURV Composite w/ Comfort Edge padding, 1 Piece re..

S20 Super Tacks Classic SE Skates YTH

The CCM Super Tacks Classis YTH Hockey Skates has been speci..

S22 Tacks AS-580 Skates YTH

The CCM Tacks AS-580 Youth Skates were built for the competi..

S22 Supreme M5 Pro Yth Skate

Get incredible power performance at unprecedented value.  ..

S22 Supreme Ignite Pro+ Yth Skate

Step on the ice with confidence. Built as the Supreme family..

S21 JetSpeed FT4 Skates YTH

Specifically molded for youth sizing, it has never been easi..

S21 JetSpeed FT485 Skates YTH

The JetSpeed FT485 Skate is all about performance, accelerat..

S20 Super Tacks 9350 Yth Skate

CCM Hockey is constantly pushing the boundaries when it come..

S20 Supreme 3S Skate Yth

Brand new for 2020 are the Bauer Supreme 3S Senior Ice Hocke..

S19 Jetspeed FT2 Yth Skates

Get the speed you need to stay ahead of the game with the CC..