Bauer Supreme Ignite Jr Skate

Everyone one will be wondering what skates you have when the..
C$189.99 C$149.99

Bauer Nexus Freeze Pro+ JR Skate-

Wear the specially made Bauer Nexus Freeze Pro+ through the ..
C$429.99 C$257.99

S19 Ribcor Maxx Pro Jr Skate D

CCM Ribcor Maxx Pro: an exclusive skate model developed in c..

S19 JetSpeed FT470 Jr Skate

Have insane speed with the one-piece boot on the FT 470 skat..

Bauer Vapor X600 JR Skate-

The Vapor X600 skate carries on the Vapor legacy as the most..
C$199.99 C$99.99

S18 Supreme Ignite Pro+ Jr Skate

Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro+: an exclusive skate model develope..

S19 Vapor X2.7 JR Skate-

The Vapor X2.7 Skate is built with our new COMFORT FLEX SYST..

Bauer S17 Vapor 1X JR Skate-

There’s straight-ahead speed, and then there’s VAPOR 1X ..
C$749.99 C$449.99

S18 Nexus Freeze Pro JR Skate-

Through a collaboration with Bauer and Sports Excellence, we..

S19 Vapor X2.9 JR Skate-

The Vapor X2.9 Skate is built with our new PERFORMFLEX COMFO..

S18 Supreme Ignite Pro Jr Skate

The Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Junior Skate is a perfect fit f..

S20 Super Tacks AS3 Skate Jr

The Super Tacks AS3 features several technologies that are f..