Bauer Hockey - Canada

S19 Nexus League Team Stick -

DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE - The Bauer Nexus League stick has ..

Bauer Flex Jacket SR - MSRP $80.00

The Flex Jacket is versatile - it can be worn by itself as a..
C$80.00 C$35.00

Bauer Supreme S 160 YTH Skate - MSRP $109.99

The Bauer Supreme skate family is built for explosive power ..
C$109.99 C$74.99

Bauer PRO-CLIP SIDE CLIP KIT for Medium Straight Visor

Fits Bauer PRO-Clip Visors ONLY

Bauer S17 Vapor XLTX Pro YTH Skate-

Bauer Vapor LTX Pro: an exclusive skate model developed in c..
C$109.99 C$67.49


Replacement loops that come with two loops per pack

S18 Supreme Ignite Pro YTH Skate

Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro: an exclusive skate model developed..

Bauer Vapor X500 YTH Skate-

The Bauer Vapour X500 YTH skates is a good fit for your chil..

S20 Supreme Ultrasonic Skate Sr

The Supreme Ultrasonic is offered in our new Performance Fit..

S20 Supreme 3S Skate Sr

Brand new for 2020 are the Bauer Supreme 3S Senior Ice Hocke..

S20 Supreme 3S Skate Yth

Brand new for 2020 are the Bauer Supreme 3S Senior Ice Hocke..

S20 Supreme 3S Skate Jr

Brand new for 2020 are the Bauer Supreme 3S Senior Ice Hocke..

S18 BLACK Nexus 2N Pro Sr Stick

New for late 2019 is the Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Shadow Series In..
C$319.99 C$223.99

Bauer Flex Pant Yth - MSRP $55.00

The Flex Pant is a water-resistant outer layer that can be e..
C$54.99 C$20.00

Bauer Nexus 1000 Pant SR-

MOLDED EPP UPPER BODY PROTECTION: Located in the spine and k..
C$209.99 C$146.99

Bauer Reactor 7000 Goal Skate Sr-

The Bauer Reactor 7000 Senior Goalie Skate is a perfect ska..
C$369.99 C$249.99

Bauer Flex Bubble Jacket Sr - MSRP $120

A warm mid-layer, the Flex Bubble jacket can be worn by itse..
C$120.00 C$70.00

Bauer 5100/4500 REPL EAR LOOP WHT

Designed as replacement ear loops for the Bauer 4500 and 550..

S20 Vapor 2X Pro Glove Jr

The S20 Vapor 2X gloves are the most comfortable gloves ever..

Bauer Supreme 150 YTH Glove-

Enjoy the comfort of the Bauer Supreme 150 glove.
C$49.99 C$39.99

Bauer Vapor X900 SR Shoulder Pad-

The Bauer Vapor X900 Senior shoulder pad is the right choice..