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S18 Supreme 2S Pro Sr Skate

The Bauer 2S Pro Skates keep you light and explosive in ever..

H16 Nexus 1N Sr Griptac Stick

The 2017 Nexus lineup from Bauer is all about allowing you t..
C$339.99 C$249.99

Bauer Supreme Ignite Jr Skate

Everyone one will be wondering what skates you have when the..
C$189.99 C$149.99

S18 Supreme Ignite Pro+ Sr Skate

The Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Plus skates are based off your ..

S18 Supreme Ignite Pro Sr Skate

The Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Skate come fit with Hydro-Max l..

S18 Supreme 2S YTH Skate

Get great comfort with the Bauer Supreme 2S Youth skate to e..

S18 Supreme Ignite Pro+ Jr Skate

Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro+: an exclusive skate model develope..

S19 Supreme 2S Pro Int Griptac Stick

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro stick is designed with spectacular ..

Bauer Supreme S170 Goal Skate Jr-

The Bauer Supreme S170 Junior Goalie Skate is a great pick f..
C$289.99 C$199.99

S19 Supreme 2S Pro JR Shin Guard-

Experience protection in motion. The Supreme 2S Pro Shin Gua..

S19 Supreme 2S SR Shin Guard -

Experience protection in motion. A split cap design and IX F..