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Super Tacks AS1 Skate SR - 7D

The CCM AS1 comes with a Carbon Composite one-piece boot off..
C$999.99 C$639.99

Bauer Supreme S170 Goal Skate Jr-

The Bauer Supreme S170 Junior Goalie Skate is a great pick f..
C$289.99 C$199.99

S19 CCM Jetspeed FT460 Jr Goalie Skates

The CCM Jetspeed FT460 Jr Goalie Skates is a fantastic skate..

SK50K Ribcor 50K Yth Skate - 11D - MSRP $149.99

CCM’s RIBCOR series was designed to give the player Mind B..
C$149.99 C$69.99

S19 Jetspeed FT2 Yth Skates

Get the speed you need to stay ahead of the game with the CC..

S19 JetSpeed FT490 Sr Skate

The CCM JetSpeed FT490 Skates builds upon the concepts that ..

Bauer 1S Goal Skate Sr-

The Bauer 1S Senior Goalie Skate is a perfect match for a g..
C$799.99 C$479.99

SKCLAP S18 Tacks Classic Pro JR D

The CCM Tack Classic Pro Junior Skate has a stiff boot helpi..

S18 Supreme S27 Goal Skate Jr-

Dominate the blue paint with the S27 Goal skates. With the a..

Bauer S17 Vapor 1X JR 4D - MRSP $749.99

There’s straight-ahead speed, and then there’s VAPOR 1X ..
C$749.99 C$549.99