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True A6.0 sbp Int Stick

True A6.0 sbp Int Stick
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A SeriesSTRENGTH BALANCE POWER The excellent choice for players in pursuit of the ultimate shooter’s stick that provides superior strength, optimal balance, and maximum power. Read more..

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 SHAFT SHAPE: SQUARE CORNER DOUBLE CONCAVE Swing Weight Balance Point TRUE: A stick designed with optimized weight distribution creates a lighter and more balanced feel, with more exceptional durability and uncompromised performance.

With our carefully calculated Swing Weight, find out how you can take your game to the next level. Braided Rib Technology Plus (BRT+) Technology close BRAIDED RIB TECHNOLOGY PLUS (BRT+) The improved BRT+ technology extends the braided rib structure into the heel, improving durability while reducing wall thickness and producing a lighter, more responsive blade. Axenic Technology close OPTIMAL BALANCE Our TRUE one-piece compression molded shaft makes our sticks one-of-a-kind. When combined with our BRT blade technology, it delivers unmatched balance. SmartFlex Technology close MAXIMUM POWER Our composite design technology offers an optimized, varied stiffness distribution throughout the shaft. When combined with our BRT blade technology, it minimizes energy loss for unmatched power from any shooting position. SmartPLY Technology close SUPERIOR STRENGTH With up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fibre, TRUE engineers have perfected the laminate design to optimize performance, minimize weight, and maximize impact strength. STRENGTH BRT+ blade technology produces a lighter, more durable blade allowing us to distribute weight into the shaft for extreme impact strength and overall durability of the stick. BALANCE Industry-leading one-piece Axenic construction allows for optimized distribution of weight throughout the stick for unmatched balance. POWER Optimized for ease in energy loading, the new ASERIES ‘18 produces explosive power from any shooting position. TRUE Technology: SmartPly



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