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True A4.5 sbp Senior Stick

True A4.5 sbp Senior Stick
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If you thought TRUE was a new company, guess again. With over 14 years of experience and over 2 million sticks produced for leading hockey companies, TRUE is making a splash into the stick market by coming directly to you! Read more..

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 As the world leader of golf shaft technology TRUE is set on providing the hockey industry with superior stick designs made from the highest quality materials and strictest manufacturing processes. Bent on providing pure domination at every level of the game, TRUE designed the A4.5 and rest of the “A” series line with just that in mind.

TRUE utilized a high-pressure clave moulding process which they patented under the title “Axenic Technology.” The advantage of using this manufacturing process is it yields an actual one-piece hockey stick and results in very consistent internal walls and shaft shape, a shallow void content, pure uninterrupted flexural energy transfer and of course a fantastic balance and feel. Working alongside Axenic Technology, Smartply Technology is the “recipe” TRUE implemented for performance and industry-leading impact strength. Smartply tech is a laminate design that is used with up to 25 inner layers of unidirectional carbon fibre; the way the fibres are angled and the order of those angles are what control torsional stiffness and protect from impact damage and provide added durability.

The A4.5 SBP has a 100% 3K carbon fibre core wrapped in fibreglass and has a graduated mid-flex profile for increased performance and feel in all game situations. New for 2016 is the BRT blade technology. The seamless braided tubes located at the center and bottom of the blade produce the longest lasting and most consistent edge we've ever made, up to 50% stronger than its predecessor the ABII technology!

Made from the highest quality materials and strictest manufacturing processes, it is no doubt that the A4.5 stick is a leader in performance and value at its price point. Designed for any player looking for a performance stick without compromising durability, TRUE’s A4.5 SBP may be for you!


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