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CCM Ribcor 50K Youth Skate - 11D

CCM Ribcor 50K Youth Skate - 11D
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CCM’s RIBCOR series was designed to give the player Mind Blowing Agility with the type of control that allows you to turn on a dime. They are easy to break in, offer excellent flexibility. Read more..


The Ribcor 50K Ice Skates are a premier skate from CCM. CCM has taken the previous Ribcor boot and had its researchers beef the skate up to include some of its newest technology, including Advanced Pump Technology that battles any looseness you might feel during a game. 

The SpeedBlade 4.0 holder that CCM features on the Ribcor 50K skate puts you 4mm higher than previous holders, providing more power and explosion out of every turn.


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