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Sher-wood EK40 Senior Stick

Sher-wood  EK40 Senior Stick
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Sher-Wood Rekker EK40 is the answer for all of the snipers and danglers out there looking for a performing stick that is designed specifically for quick releasing shots and effortless control. Read more..

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What is impressive about the EK40 is that it is a one-piece spear constructed stick made out of 100% carbon fibre. This spear construction means that the shaft runs through the heel of the blade. The benefit of this type of construction is the type of feel it will provide. With the shaft in constant contact with the ice and puck, it allows for a more enhanced puck feel.

Sher-Wood’s Pro Shaft geometry is perfect for the dangler who needs to react quickly. Its double concave walls and rounded corners offer a smaller fit than other sticks with a traditional shaft geometry. Also built with a low taper, the EK40’s super low kick point makes those in-close snappers possible in critical situations. This model comes in grip only.

Sher-Wood has also upgraded its blade technology, resulting in the VRF.2 blade. VRF stands for Vibration Reduction Foam core. Internally, high-performance polyurethane foam is used for the core. This foam is used to increase the durability and prevent any early breakage dramatically. A carbon fibre stabilizer has been placed to add stiffness and to reduce the blade from twisting or torquing for accurate shooting and puck control. This is all wrapped in layers of lightweight carbon fibre, giving an incredibly balanced stick.


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