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S23 Vapor X5 Pro Goal Pad INT

S23 Vapor X5 Pro Goal Pad INT
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Goal Pad INT
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Goal Pad INT
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Goal Pad INT
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The Vapor X5 goalie leg pads feature a Tune Fit Strap System, a CURV stiff thigh, a soft flex core, a Stabiliflex knee block, and a Cortech calf plate. Read more..


External Material
The Vapor X5 is covered with a traditional leather front cover for that classic feel and look.
The pads use Bauer’s Cortech calf plate. which is designed to provide a greater level of protection and support to the goaltender's lower leg and calf muscles, reducing the risk of injury and improving overall comfort when in motion on the ice. The Cortech calf plate is constructed using a series of layered materials, including high-density foam and composite inserts. These materials are strategically placed in the calf area of the pad to provide a high level of impact protection and support.

Internal Construction
Unlike traditional foam cores that are typically made from multiple layers of rigid materials, the Soft Flex Core is designed to be more pliable and flexible, providing a greater level of rebound and control for the goaltender. This is coupled with the CURV stiff thigh; carbon CURV is a staple of Bauer gear and offers added stiffness and rigidity for greater stability and support when moving on the ice.

Pad Break
The Vapor X5 leg pads use a pre-curved single break design. This means that the pad is already shaped with a pre-curve in the leg channel, allowing it to conform to the goaltender's leg shape more easily. This design is intended to provide a more natural and comfortable fit, as well as increased flexibility and mobility for the goaltender.

Boot Angle & Toe Taper
This series continues to use the 110-degree boot angle, which is designed to provide a more aggressive and forward-leaning stance for the goaltender. With this boot angle, the boot sits slightly flatter and drops the overall height of the pad by half an inch. The shortened pad allows for greater mobility while reducing potential thigh overlap.

Knee Cradle
The Stabiliflex Knee Block is a feature of the Bauer Hyperlite goalie leg pads designed to provide improved stability and support for the goaltender's knee. The foam is engineered to provide good stiffness and support for the knee joint. This can help reduce the risk of injury while improving the goalie’s overall comfort and confidence on the ice.

Bauer continues to use tried and true TuneFit strappings on the Hyperlite series of leg pads. The strapping system consists of a series of adjustable straps and fasteners that can be configured to achieve the desired level of support, mobility, and comfort. The X5 also includes a new lower calf strap for better leg connectivity.


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