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S23 Vapor X5 Pro Catcher SR

S23 Vapor X5 Pro Catcher SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Catcher SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Catcher SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Catcher SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Catcher SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Catcher SR
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The Vapor X5 catcher features Rebound Control foam padding, a 60-degree break angle, and a double-T pocket design. Read more..


External Material
The Vapor X5 is covered with a traditional leather front cover for that classic feel and look. It also uses a Catchlite palm for an excellent combination of comfort, protection, and performance, and the Rebound Control foam padding helps absorb the impact of incoming shots.

Break Angle
The 60-degree break closure is a deeper, more full-hand closure (fingers to the base of the thumb) that we’ve seen before in the Vapor family. It provides a good balance of coverage and mobility. The downward angle of the palm creates a large catching surface that can help goaltenders make catches on high shots, while also allowing for quick, fluid movements when making saves in tight. The angle of the palm is designed to align with the natural curvature of the hand, which can help to reduce stress and fatigue on the wrist and hand over time.

Pocket Design
The Vapor X5 uses a double-T pocket design, which provides a large, secure catching surface—the two-piece construction allows the goaltender to trap the puck between the two sections of the pocket, creating a stable grip on the puck. The double-T pocket design allows for quick and easy release of the puck, and it has a natural "funnel" shape that helps guide the puck toward the goaltender's hand for cleaner and quicker catches.

The strapping system on the Vapor series is made of adjustable straps and fasteners that can be configured to achieve the desired level of support, mobility, and comfort. The glove also includes an optimized wrist strap for a more comfortable and adjustable fit, as well as a fully adjustable backhand.

Cuff Design
The Catchlite palm is constructed using a series of layered materials, including high-density foam and a specialized synthetic material that provides a high level of durability, flexibility, and grip. This palm fits seamlessly with the one-piece cuff design for a clean look and excellent protection while helping funnel pucks into the pocket.


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