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S23 Vapor X5 Pro Blocker SR

S23 Vapor X5 Pro Blocker SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Blocker SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Blocker SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Blocker SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Blocker SR
S23 Vapor X5 Pro Blocker SR
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The Vapor X5 blocker features a DuraConnekt palm, Shocklite foam and shields, and molded F1 along the side plate. Read more..


External Material
The Vapor X5 is covered with a traditional leather front cover for that classic feel and look.

Internal Construction
Shocklite is a specialized foam material that is used in Bauer hockey equipment, including the Vapor X5. The foam material in the blocker board is designed to help cushion the impact of the puck as it hits, reducing the force of the rebound and minimizing the risk of injury to the goaltender's hand. The material is also extremely lightweight for more efficient and easier arm movements.

Palm Material
The Duraconnekt palm on the Vapor X5 is made from a combination of durable synthetic materials, including nylon and polyester, which are engineered to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. This additionally makes the palm more resistant to abrasions, tears, and other types of damage, helping extend the life of the blocker. The Duraconnekt palm also provides excellent grip, thanks to its textured surface, helping goalies maintain a secure hold on their stick throughout the game.

Side Hand Protection
Bauer has incorporated molded F1 into the side plate of the Vapor X5 blocker. By molding the foam into a more contoured shape around the hand, Bauer is able to create a customized fit that provides better protection and support for the goaltender. The molded foam design is more streamlined and ergonomic, intending to improve the goalie’s mobility and flexibility.

The low-profile, molded cuff has been designed to focus on giving the goalie an enhanced range of motion, so they can make quick and easy movements and more saves to keep their team in the game. Additionally, the design of the cuff helps to protect the goalie's hand and wrist, reducing the risk of injury. Bauer also employs the use of Aerolite in the X5, which is a foam made from polyethylene, EVA, and other advanced polymers, and it is engineered to be both lightweight and highly durable.

Hand Protection
The fingers have been reinforced with Shocklite Shields in the X5. Shocklite is designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing for greater mobility and comfort while also providing excellent impact protection. It absorbs and disperses impact energy, making it easier to make saves with confidence.


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