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S23 Vapor Hyperlite2 SR Blocker

S23 Vapor Hyperlite2 SR Blocker
S23 Vapor Hyperlite2 SR Blocker
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auer has taken their renowned Hyperlite gear and upgraded it for the 2023 season with a combination of new technology, what worked before, and what’s worked in their other gear families. Read more..


The Hyperlite 2 blocker features a Rebound Boost Core, a Connekt+ palm, DCT foam, and an F1 CURV composite construction along the side plate.

External Material
The Hyperlite 2 adopts the SL1D3R skin from the Machs this upcoming season. SL1D3R skin is a special surface designed to provide durability compared to traditional materials used on goalie pads. It is made of a combination of materials, including a high-density polyethylene sheet and a proprietary coating; the HDPE sheet is a type of plastic known for its low friction and wear-resistant properties. The coating further enhances the effect of the HDPE sheet.

Internal Construction
The Rebound Boost Core is a specialized foam construction that is designed to provide maximum rebound control. The foam is specially engineered to be both lightweight and durable, allowing it to absorb the impact of incoming shots while also providing a lively rebound that helps goaltenders control the play. It is highly responsive, meaning goalies using the Hyperlite 2 will be able to quickly and confidently make saves and move the puck up the ice.
CURV composite is also built into the construction, which is used in key areas such as the thumb, palm, and fingers, providing added durability and protection in high-impact areas.

Palm Material
The Connekt+ palm on the Hyperlite 2 provides excellent stick feel and control. As the name implies, the material is designed to connect and conform to your hand, creating a comfortable and natural grip on the stick. This can help to improve stickhandling and passing. The Connekt+ palm is also highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. The synthetic material is designed to withstand the rigors of regular use, providing long-lasting performance and protection.

Side Hand Protection
Bauer has incorporated an F1 CURV composite construction into the side plate of the Hyperlite blocker. The F1 CURV composite material is a lightweight and highly durable material that is designed to provide excellent protection against impact and wear. It’s also great at absorbing impact, making it able to protect your hand while withstanding even the most demanding conditions on the ice.

The low-profile, molded cuff has been designed to focus on giving the goalie an enhanced range of motion, so they can make quick and easy movements and more saves to keep their team in the game. Additionally, the design of the cuff helps to protect the goalie's hand and wrist, reducing the risk of injury.

Hand Protection
To protect the hands and fingers, Bauer employs Defense Cloud Tech and Shocklite Shields. DCT is designed to provide a combination of comfort and protection by utilizing a series of lightweight foam pods that are strategically placed throughout the equipment. These foam pods are engineered to provide a high level of impact protection while also allowing for a greater range of motion and improved breathability.
Shocklite Shields are designed to be lightweight and flexible, allowing for greater mobility and comfort while also providing excellent impact protection. They absorb and disperse impact energy, making it easier to make saves with confidence.


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