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S23 Jetspeed FT6 SR Shoulder Pad

S23 Jetspeed FT6 SR Shoulder Pad
S23 Jetspeed FT6 SR Shoulder Pad
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Made of lightweight materials and have a comfortable anatomical fit to provide players with maximum freedom of movement. With high-density foam padding and strategically placed molded caps, providing reliable protection where it's needed most. Read more..


The FT6 shoulder pads feature an Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System, ultra-light U-Foam shoulder caps, a Flexmotion base jacket, PE-molded shields, and a sublimated liner.

Shoulder Caps & Protection
CCM combined aeration with protective padding in these shoulder pads. The Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System includes a fully exposed, foam-only design and ultra-light U-Foam shoulder caps with a durable EPP core that help keep the pads lightweight and mobile, with lots of extra room to move. The fit is also low-profile to further enhance that freedom of movement.


Sternum Protection
Like the rest of the gear, the sternum area is also designed to be breathable for the wearer, with a compress-molded HD shield coupled with multiple ventilation ports. The shield works with the Aer-Tec Suspension System to offer good protection alongside the mobility of the new FT6 design. The front is also covered with a molded HD foam Flexmotion base jacket with elite rib protection designed to contour around your torso.

Spine Protection
The FT6 spine is covered with molded PE to offer a good combination of flexibility and protection in the back area. It has been anatomically molded, meaning it is designed to fit over your back naturally.

Bicep Protection
The biceps are covered with PE-molded caps, similar to the spine, for pro-level protection and comfort. They also include length adjustments to get you the perfect custom fit.

The pads use a combination of a sublimated liner along the shoulder caps and biceps while also including a bit of their new Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System. The Aer-Tec Suspension System allows for the FT6 shoulder pads to not require much of a liner at all, since the denser parts of the gear are left mostly suspended above you while you play. This design effectively makes it so more air can flow through and moisture can evaporate faster. The light mesh liner has been treated with Polygiene and Odor Crunch and uses a Full Dry Foam design.

Abdominal Protection Piece
The FT6 includes an extended-coverage front panel with a PE plastic protection pad for elite-level coverage in the abdomen area.


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