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S23 Jetspeed FT6 Pro SR Pant

S23 Jetspeed FT6 Pro SR Pant
S23 Jetspeed FT6 Pro SR Pant
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Experience lightning-fast, instinctive movement on the ice with JETSPEED FT6 PRO hockey pants. These pants are the epitome of lightweight, flexible protective gear, The perfect choice for anyone looking to move faster and with greater agility on the ice. Read more..


The FT6 Pro hockey pants feature an Aer-Tec Thermoregulation and Ventilation System, Dryfoam technology, and an injection-molded hybrid spine shield.

External Materials
Crafted with 400D nylon with a 400D textured nylon side panel, the pants boast a pro-cut 1" length at the back of the legs and a max airflow construction. Additionally, the repositioned inner leg zipper and pro-cut 1" length at the back aid in reducing friction while performing crossovers.


Thigh Protection
Employing floating, lightweight HD foam thigh guards, the pants are ready to deliver elite-level protection on the ice, allowing you to get in the way of the pucks and battle in the boards without worry. Moreover, the floating thigh guards and inner leg zipper facilitate enhanced flexibility and a seamless custom embroidery process.

Hip and Kidney Protection
The padding is made with FloFoam, which has been molded to contour around your hips and kidneys, enhancing comfort. For that pro-level protection you can expect from CCM’s highest-end hockey pants, the sides have been reinforced with molded PE plastic shields. The Jetspeed FT6 series introduces CCM’s new Aer-Tec technology, which focuses on increasing airflow throughout the gear. This means the pants use a vented foam base with an Aer-Tec Ventilation system, which is designed to keep you cool and dry.

Spine Protection
The spine in particular is a section that has been enhanced for both elite protection and increased ventilation. For protection in the spine area, the FT6 Pro employs a molded hybrid spine shield coupled with HD foam. The shield itself includes multiple ventilation ports, and the tailbone is segmented to provide both extra mobility and breathability.

Belt/Lace Closure
The pants are equipped with a built-in, internal, anti-twist belt system, a wide front opening, and stretchy functional panels to make it as easy as ever to fit them to your size and lock them in place.

Leg Zippers
For further adjustment and customization, the pants have a hidden 1” zipper on the inside and another repositioned zipper along the leg.


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