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S23 Jetspeed FT6 Pro JR Elbow Pad

S23 Jetspeed FT6 Pro JR Elbow Pad
S23 Jetspeed FT6 Pro JR Elbow Pad
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The JETSPEED FT6 PRO elbow pads are not only high-performing, but also feature innovative AER-TEC thermoregulation system. With strategic venting along the 3-piece Flexmotion construction, offering superior air flow, ensuring you stay cool and dry. Read more..


 The FT6 Pro elbow pads feature an Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System, a 3-piece Flexmotion design, and an Aer-Tec Suspension System.

The FT6 Pro has a three-piece Flexmotion design, which allows the pads to contour around and follow your arm’s movements while you play. This, in effect, makes the pads more comfortable and protective, as they can cover more of your arm without being too restricting.
The big selling point of the new FT6 Pro series is the Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System that’s been implemented in each part of the highest-end variation. This system includes an Aer-Tec Suspension system and additional ventilation, which holds the pads a little bit away from your body for maximum aeration, allowing you to stay cool and dry.


Bicep & Forearm Protection
The forearm is built with reinforced HD foam and ventilation ports, offering high-end protection and ventilation in a lightweight design. The Flexlide articulated bicep is compress-molded with an exposed HD foam bicep cover to combine that protection with good mobility. The FT6 Pro variation also includes ventilation ports along both the bicep and forearm.

Elbow Cap
The elbow caps are built with a JDP construction and molded PE cap, designed to redirect force away from the point of impact, keeping your elbows safe from injury. The exposed EVA foam cover reinforces that protection.

Strapping System
The FT6 Pro features a Y-shape middle lock strap coupled with a nylon forearm strap to minimize slippage and lock the pad in place on your arm for maximum comfort.

The pads use a sublimated liner in the elbow area, coupled with the Aer-Tec Suspension System, which keeps the pads away from your body for better ventilation throughout. Over the bicep, the exposed Dryfoam liner further allows for more ventilation


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