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S22 Vapor 3X Shin Guard INT

S22 Vapor 3X Shin Guard INT
S22 Vapor 3X Shin Guard INT
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For 2022, Bauer is rolling out the Vapor 3X protective series, the next upgrade to the competitive level of Vapor gear. The shin guards are equipped with an X-Lite shield cap and ergonomic design, molded calf guard, and a Thermomax sub liner. Read more..


Shin Protection
The Vapor 3X shin guards stick to the anatomically molded X-Lite Shield cap, as seen in the 2X series. This cap design contours around the leg for a closer fit, giving you better protection, a comfier feel, and a deeper fit. This innovation overall will help keep you nimble on the ice.

Knee Cap & Protection
The Ergodymanic Lab knee returns in the Vapor 3X shin guards, as it helps give a deeper fit for more protection and a comfier feel. On agility-based equipment, a closer fit is ideal since it can reduce more potential wind resistance.

Calf Protection
For protection in the back of the leg, the Vapor 3X uses PE inserts and a full-coverage design. The design provides optimal protection, mobility, and comfort while you play.

The liner for the 3X is Bauer’s Thermomax sub liner. Thermomax is amazing at repelling sweat and odour, keeping your pads fresher for longer. The liner will also keep you cool and comfortable while you are in your equipment.

The 3X also uses comfort lock anchor straps to fasten the shin guard in place. The calf area is also held together by a comfort anchor strap to keep the guard more stable.

The Bauer Vapor 3X Intermediate Hockey Shin Guards come in 13” and 14” sizes. Refer to the size guide for instructions on how to size shin guards. If you’re looking for a larger or smaller size, the 3X shin guards also come in Senior and Junior sizes.


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