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S22 Vapor 3X Elbow Pad SR

S22 Vapor 3X Elbow Pad SR
S22 Vapor 3X Elbow Pad SR
S22 Vapor 3X Elbow Pad SR
S22 Vapor 3X Elbow Pad SR
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The Bauer Vapor 3X collection is set to be an ideal option for the competitive, agile player on the ice. The 3X elbow pads use various technologies to prioritize light weight, solid mobility, and good comfort. Read more..


Bicep & Forearm Protection
The Vapor 3X elbow pads use a three-piece design that allows for great mobility while playing. Each piece is light and able to move independently based on your movements, and the strapping and 360 forearm help keep everything in place.

Elbow Cap
The three-piece cap allows for total movement in the arms. As the cap cover is molded for a deeper fit, it can lock your elbow comfortably in place, keeping you both agile and protected.

Strapping System
The Vapor 3X elbow pads use comfort anchor straps to fasten everything in place. Anchor straps are tougher than standard straps but won’t hinder movement.

Bauer implemented their Thermomax sub liner in the 3X protective series. Thermomax is one of the most reliable liner treatments when it comes to wicking away moisture and repelling odour. In addition, this liner has cooling properties, so you can stay nice and refreshed while you play.

The Bauer Vapor 3X Intermediate Hockey Elbow Pads come in Medium and Large sizes. If you are looking for a larger or smaller size, the 3X collection is also available in Intermediate and Junior sizes.


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