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S22 True Catalyst 5 Skate Jr

S22 True Catalyst 5 Skate Jr
S22 True Catalyst 5 Skate Jr
S22 True Catalyst 5 Skate Jr
S22 True Catalyst 5 Skate Jr
S22 True Catalyst 5 Skate Jr
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Introduced with TRUE’s brand new Catalyst line of agility-focused stock skates is the Catalyst 5 hockey skate. This skate is tailored for agile players performing at the recreational level who still want some elite features in their skates. Read more..


At this price point, TRUE included a TRUEShell Tech one-piece boot, a Shift Max holder with stainless steel 7CR steel, an asymmetrical toe cap, and a traditional tongue with T-Guard tech in the skate.

Skate Fit Profile
The skates at the Junior level come in sizes 1-3.5 in Regular width. When deciding on a skate size, a good rule of thumb is to take the player’s shoe size and drop it by 1 or 1.5 sizes. If you need a larger size, the skates are also available in Senior and Intermediate sizes.

Boot Construction & Stiffness Profile
Neurofit is a new one-piece shell technology related to the previous TrueShell and Axenic technologies. This design features a more innovative and anatomical shape for better response and a more natural fit to your foot. The shell on the Catalyst skate has been softened, in response to feedback for the previous TF skates. At this level, the skates also include a synthetic side panel for additional protection along the side of the foot and heel areas.

Liner & Internal Padding
The skates use a black moisture-wicking liner to help keep you playing comfortably without the discomfort of a wet boot. The internal padding is made from orthotic-grade foam for a better feel and increased comfort inside the skate.

Toe Cap
The toe cap was crafted with TRUE’s new low-profile design, Carv. This cap promotes a more aggressive and aerodynamic playing style ideal for agility-based players with its sharper cutting edge and lighter weight. This cap is sleeker and lighter than what’s been seen previously on TRUE skates.

The Catalyst 5 uses a traditional felt tongue combined with TRUE’s T-Guard insert for enhanced protection against pucks, sticks, and lace bite. The tongue is lightweight and fully adjustable and replaceable.

TRUE used mid-grade orthotic-grade foam in the construction and insoles for a closer, more comfortable fit. This foam is a reliable skate foam option that is also designed to keep your feet healthier and in good shape for longer.

Steel Runner, Holder & Blade Profile
The Shift holder debuted with the TF series, and now the Shift Max holder has improved durability with a thicker wall formation. Shift Max still features BenchChange technology for a faster blade replacement without the need for extra tools, like a magnetized blade change tool. The runner that the Catalyst 5 skates use is Shift Max high-grade 7CR stainless steel, which is strong and built to last.

The skates take on the Catalyst black and gold colouration, with the addition of sleek silver accents. Its nickname “Cat5” can be found on the sides and toe. TRUE’s text logo and more references to Catalyst are scattered along the boot and on the toe.


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