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S22 Tacks AS-V Pro Jr Elbow Pads

S22 Tacks AS-V Pro Jr Elbow Pads
S22 Tacks AS-V Pro Jr Elbow Pads
S22 Tacks AS-V Pro Jr Elbow Pads
S22 Tacks AS-V Pro Jr Elbow Pads
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CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Elbow Pad is what the hard-hitting, physical player needs for their game. 39% improvement in protection over the AS1, AS-V Pro is a fantastic choice for any player looking for maximum coverage and protection for every type of impact. Read more..


Setting the bar for impact protection, the AS-V Pro utilizes D3O Lite on the outside elbow tip to absorb initial impact energy for both the player and the opponent. D3O Aero is then used on the inside of the elbow doughnut, eliminating any residual energy from big hits or collisions. It's completed with CCM's JDP cap design which disperses impact energy away from the joint and into the premier D3O foams!

The forearm, a major impact area from slashes and blocked shots utilizes CCM's X-Slash Guard protection. An injected molded plastic provides extensive coverage with D3O once again added in this crucial spot on the arm. Now players can confidently weave their way through traffic or dig hard along the boards. 

Extra soft padding in the elbow doughnut increases comfort while the updated strapping system keeps the AS-V Pro locked on the arm. The dual-pull anchor strap is connected to both the inside and outside of the elbow pad, which keeps the arm comfortable and secure inside the doughnut. A 360-degree forearm strap then gives players a truly customized fit for even more added comfort and security.


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