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S22 Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catcher Sr

S22 Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catcher Sr
S22 Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catcher Sr
S22 Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catcher Sr
S22 Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catcher Sr
S22 Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catcher Sr
S22 Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catcher Sr
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For 2022, Bauer has released the new Supreme M5 Pro goalie collection to help you step up your game—no matter the level you play at. Read more..


 The M5 Pro catcher features a Catchgrip+ liner, Rebound Control Foam, a CURV composite reinforced cuff, and a 75-degree break angle to offer that high-level performance you need.

External Material
Carrying over from the Ultrasonic is the Catchlite palm, which is an upgraded, jenpro-like material that is a bit thicker for greater durability while still allowing for easy closure and break-in. Catchgrip+ has also been implemented along the inside liner for a better feel and more control when catching with a fingers-to-thumb closure. Over the exterior, the glove is covered with C.O.R.Tech Plus, the same as the pads.

Break Angle
The M5 Pro catcher uses Supreme’s 75-degree break angle. The 75-degree break focuses primarily on a fingertip-to-thumb closure, meaning it is designed to open wide and have a wider catch surface.

Pocket Design
The double-T pocket design supports the wide-open palm design since it naturally allows for greater openness and freedom in the hand. The wider pocket also makes it easier to track the puck, since it’s easier to see through the extra pocket rather than the leather T present in single-T variants. Bauer also added Rebound Control Foam in the palm, similar to the leg pads to help deaden pucks and make the catch easier.

Bauer added a neoprene leverage strap to enhance that full opening in the thumb portion. The glove also includes a Range of Motion strap (R.O.M.) that is designed to keep the catcher strapped to your hand while allowing for good movement in the wrist. It is designed to lock on comfortably and closer up on your hand, which is how it is able to offer so much wrist movement.

Cuff Design
The Supreme M5 Pro catcher’s one-piece cuff has been reinforced with Bauer’s CURV composite material. The design keeps a similar look to the Supreme gloves of the past, making it the perfect upgrade if you were using a Supreme glove previously. The addition of the CURV composite reinforcement increases the catcher’s degree of protection and durability.


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