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S22 Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catcher Int

S22 Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catcher Int
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The M5 PRO Catcher is designed with advanced technology to provide unmatched closure, coverage, and control in net. Featuring a ‘fingers to thumb’ hand closure with a deep pocket, this is for goalies who are looking for a large coverage catching surface. Read more..


  • Coverage – CATCHLITE MATERIAL: Palm and T-TRAP material for easy opening and closing- making sure no pucks bounce out after a save.
  • Protection – CATCH-GRIP+ PALM LINER: Interior grip material for enhanced control in the Fingers-To-Thumb catching position, to create a glove best suited for goalies who catch in this manner.
  • Range of Motion – New ROM (range of motion) wrist strap for comfortable wrist articulation and control. Adjustable for a lower lock on the wrist.


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