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S22 Supreme Mach Chest Protector SR

S22 Supreme Mach Chest Protector SR
S22 Supreme Mach Chest Protector SR
S22 Supreme Mach Chest Protector SR
S22 Supreme Mach Chest Protector SR
S22 Supreme Mach Chest Protector SR
S22 Supreme Mach Chest Protector SR
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Bauer has greatly upped their game with the release of the brand new Mach goalie gear, the next chapter in the Supreme protective series. Read more..


Many upgrades were made to the previous Ultrasonic chest and arm protector to get to the Mach, some of which include the use of Shock-Lite and Shock-Lite Pro, Rebound Control Foam, and a new Active Motion Protection (AMP) hinge arm design. The Mach looks to continue that high coverage and protective trend from the Supreme side with these game-changing enhancements.

External Material
Similar to before, the Mach chest and arm protector uses nylon and mesh for the most part over the exterior for reliable durability. The exterior has additionally been equipped with Shock-Lite belly blocks to keep that area protected from impact and able to absorb the puck better. Along the inside, you will be met with a Thermocore Zero liner coupled with a Hypersense liner on the elbow. The Thermocore liner has been cut strategically around the molded ventilation pockets, a decision made to keep you feeling nice and cool throughout the game.

Internal Foams
Foams along the inside have been molded to enhance ventilation, particularly in the back with the Molded Airflow Spinal design. For elite protection and performance on rebounds, the arms feature a Fused Comp with CURV forearm and bicep composition. Similarly, Bauer implemented Rebound Control Foam in the sternum for increased coverage and impact absorption.

Shoulder Caps
The shoulder floaters on the Mach pads incorporate the upgraded Shock-Lite Pro tech with EPP foam and plastic inserts. Shock-Lite adds comfort and light weight to the area, in addition to elite protection and performance. Its reliability sees its use in many other gear categories as well, hence its use in the Mach gear.

Adjustable Arms
The Supreme Mach features velcro-adjustable arms that can be fixed by two inches in length, which will allow you to customize the arms to your fit. Bauer implemented their all-new AMP 2.0 hinge arm design in the arms of the chest protector. AMP 2.0 incorporates a design that moves while you play without sacrificing mobility, ensuring you’re fully covered throughout the game.

Elbow Caps
The elbow caps are lined with a Hypersense liner for game-ready comfort. This liner is often seen in Bauer’s mobile player glove lines for its comfort and optimal maneuverability. The elbow caps also contain Shock-Lite for elite protection against pucks and impact.

Back Straps
The Supreme Mach chest protector is furnished with a dual collar adjustment for the shoulder floaters, as well as velcro and elastic straps. Bauer also included a belt connection system, so your gear can all work in harmony and comfortably together.


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