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S21 Supreme Ultrasonic Glove SR

S21 Supreme Ultrasonic Glove SR
S21 Supreme Ultrasonic Glove SR
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Bauer has really focused on providing Pro level protection and ultimate stick connection with shooting. Key upgrades include the AMP (Active Motion Protection) cuff, Shot Boost fingers, Pro Lite Tex shell, and the NHL preferred Max Connekt light grey palm Read more..


External Material
The external material used on the UltraSonic is the Pro Lite Tex and PU skin overlay. This material helps keep the glove lightweight and very durable during play.

Finger Design & Protection
The Bauer UltraSonic glove introduces the new Shot Boost fingers that allow you to get a great feel on the stick. This, accompanied by the triple-density foam throughout each finger, allow you to maximize movement in your hand without sacrificing any protection. Additionally, Bauer has added extra padding along the side of the pinky finger.


Backhand Protection
The top of the glove features a triple-density foam with Poron XRD. This glove provides the highest level of protection available on the market.

Thumb Design
The Bauer UltraSonic has carried forward with their patented 3-piece flex lock thumb which will protect you from impacts and any possible hyperextension of the thumb.

Cuff Design
The AMP (Active Motion Protection) not only provides great protection, but also allows for an exceptional amount of wrist motion. In addition, the cuff roll is pre molded, and showcases Bauer’s 3D molded logo. Whether you’re shooting or dangling through the middle, this glove has you covered.

Palm Material & Gussets
The senior UltraSonic glove comes with the Max Connekt light grey palm. This palm is the most commonly used palm across the NHL and Pro level. What makes this palm so popular is the soft feel, and instant connection you feel straight away from hand to stick. Furthermore, the gussets, or in simpler terms, the material in between the fingers is a soft elastic like fabric that keeps you at the top of your game.

The UltraSonic features the Thermo Core liner which is a moisture wicking material that will help regulate the heat build up inside the glove and help prevent the glove from getting too wet during play.


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