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S21 Nexus Geo Grip Stick Sr

S21 Nexus Geo Grip Stick Sr
S21 Nexus Geo Grip Stick Sr
S21 Nexus Geo Grip Stick Sr
S21 Nexus Geo Grip Stick Sr
S21 Nexus Geo Grip Stick Sr
S21 Nexus Geo Grip Stick Sr
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The Bauer Nexus Geo INT Hockey Stick is designed to give you ultimate versatility and ability to perform on all aspects of your game. Read more..

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Shaft Construction
The Nexus Geo Stick features Bauer’s new ER Spine Technology, which is a 5-sided shaft geometry that removes excess carbon fiber layers from the loading zone of the stick. The 5-sided shaft shape gives you a unique feel which contours to the player’s hands for enhanced stick control and feel. 

The shaft also features ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering) which is a Bauer specific construction to help eliminate weight in the stick. Asymmetrical TeXtreme maximizes the energy flow from the shaft into the blade, and the DuraFlex Resin System adds durability to the entire stick. 

Blade Construction
OmniCore Technology is also another new feature Bauer has incorporated in the Bauer Geo Hockey Stick. The OmniCore technology adds stability to the blade which creates a faster release, and reduces blade fatigue. The Nexus Geo also features Monocomp Technology which is a true one-piece blade and shaft design which improves stick balance and puck control.

Stick Flex Profile
The Nexus Hockey Sticks are constructed with a mid-to-low kick point which is optimized for versatility. This flex profile allows you to lean into your shots easily and helps create faster energy transfer into the blade.

The Bauer Nexus Geo Hockey Stick features the traditional Black and Blue colorway that you have grown to know. This year they have added an eye catching green streak highlight on the bottom of the shaft, and back shaft side.

Blade Patterns/Flex/Lengths
87 Flex (P28, P88, P92, P92M) L/R - 60”
77 Flex (P28, P88, P92, P92M) L/R - 60”
70 Flex (P28, P88, P92, P92M) L/R - 60”


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