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S21 EFlex 5 Pro Hockey Goalie Stick JR

S21 EFlex 5 Pro Hockey Goalie Stick JR
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The E-Flex 5 goal stick features a new asymmetrical design and vibration dampening construction, while reducing 40g of total weight from the stick from the previous model Read more..


New to the EFlex 5 stick, CCM has incorporated a low flex shaft design with a softer feel for better puck handling. The EFlex 5 Pro goalie stick can be described as a game changer.

Shaft Construction
The CCM EFlex 5 Pro shaft is designed with a rounded shape, allowing the goaltender to have a more comfortable grip and ease of use when playing the puck. An improved and balanced kick point has been achieved by introducing a low flex combined with a softer shaft for those quick passes to teammates.

Paddle Construction
The EFlex 5 Pro’s internal paddle design has been updated along with the addition of Aerograde Foam to reduce vibration and increase dampening, enabling a comfortable grip for any situation.


Blade Construction/Stiffness
The blade of the stick is composed of CCM’s Peel-Ply Technology, which provides reduced weight while not sacrificing strength and durability for those constant, high impact shots.

Innegra Fiber pattern can be seen throughout the stick, being more prominent on the shaft and front of the blade. The traditional Sigmatex weave pattern can be seen on the backside of the blade.


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