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S20 Vapor X-W Shoulder Pad WMN

S20 Vapor X-W Shoulder Pad WMN
S20 Vapor X-W Shoulder Pad WMN
S20 Vapor X-W Shoulder Pad WMN
S20 Vapor X-W Shoulder Pad WMN
S20 Vapor X-W Shoulder Pad WMN
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Bauer’s latest women’s shoulder pad is the Vapor X-W. These shoulder pads take a combination of elements from elite level pads, while also having specific features for women to ensure comfort and 100% protection. With the floating sternum shield and THERM Read more..


Shoulder Caps & Protection
The shoulders are protected by low-profile anatomically molded caps that allow for a sleek, tight to the body fit. Bauer has also added lightweight HD foam inserts into the arch for further protection. 

Sternum Protection
Bauer has used a floating sternum piece with additional extended chest protection to ensure the pads fit comfortably while also providing a high level of protection from heavy blows encountered head on. 

Spine Protection
The spine protection comes from segmented HD Foams that create a floating spine guard to increase maneuverability while perforated foams wrap around the ribs minimizing unprotected areas on the upper body. 

Bicep Protection
The biceps guards on the Vapor X-W Women’s shoulder pads are made with a combination of one-piece MD Foam and PE inserts ensuring your upper arms are sufficiently protected. 

Bauer’s THERMO MAX liner helps to maintain a lightweight profile while also regulating temperature and wicking away moisture to keep you feeling dry on the ice. 

Abdominal Protection Piece
The abdominal pad extension is removable providing you with options on the level of coverage you prefer.

The Vapor X-W Women’s Shoulder Pads are available from sizes extra small to large.


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