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S20 True TF7 Skate SR

S20 True TF7 Skate SR
S20 True TF7 Skate SR
S20 True TF7 Skate SR
S20 True TF7 Skate SR
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Designed for the budgetconscious competitive player, the 2020 TF7 delivers many of the performance benefits of TRUE’s proprietary technology while providing the bestin- class fit that has become synonymous with TRUE skates. Read more..

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The thermoformable fiberglass onepiece shell delivers best-in-class fit while providing unmatched performance in the competitive skate category. The TF7 also features the versatile SHIFT Holder for rapid blade replacement.



Model Year 2020
Brand TRUE
Shell Technology Fiberglass one-piece shell featuring TRUESHELL Tech.
Liner Black wick liner.
Tongue System Traditional felt tongue.
Holder and Runner SHIFT holder with stainless runner.


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