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S20 RIBCOR Team Stick

S20 RIBCOR Team Stick
S20 RIBCOR Team Stick
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Stick Flex Profile
The CCM RIBCOR Team stick has a soft taper area on the shaft with optimal vertical flex throughout the stick. CCM’s exclusive RIBCOR asymmetrical taper design adds to the stick’s ability for heavy load and release.

Shaft Construction
The RIBCOR Team Hockey Stick has a very unique shaft shape geometry, that CCM refers to as “Ergonomic Shaft Geometry”. They have broken the shaft shape down to 3 segments throughout the shaft.

  • Top-Shaft
    The top of the shaft is a rounded concave shape for a natural feel with your top hand giving you comfort and control.
  • Mid-Shaft
    The mid shaft is a rounded convex back side, combined with a square-cornered concave front side. This gives your lower hand better dexterity and control when loading the shaft.
  • Low-Shaft
    The lower portion of the shaft is an asymmetric taper design. In simpler terms, it has a concave front-side of the shaft which aids the quick-release. The rounded concave back side adds torsional stiffness to the shaft for better shot accuracy and puck control.

Blade Construction
The RIBCOR Team Stick features reinforced Ascent Blade 2 technology, with Peel Ply Blade Texture. This blade is constructed with reinforced materials that provide a softer heel which transitions seamlessly to an extra stiff toe. This allows the player to have an enhanced level of puck feel and a quick release off the blade.

The CCM RIBCOR Team Stick is an all black stick, with neon green graphics and highlights, which stays true to the previous RIBCOR stick lineage.

Blade Patterns/Flex/Lengths
85 Flex (P28, P29, P88, P90TM), L/R, 60”
75 Flex (P28, P29, P88, P90TM), L/R, 60”
70 Flex (P28, P29, P88, P90TM), L/R, 60”


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