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S20 RIBCOR 76K Jr Stick

S20 RIBCOR 76K Jr Stick
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The CCM RIBCOR 76K JR Hockey Stick is a low kick-point stick with T-Shaped Shaft Geometry. Ascent Blade 2 provides a quick release with optimized blade stiffness, and C6 Carbon weave adding to the durability. Read more..

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Stick Flex Profile
The CCM RIBCOR 76K stick has a low kick-point engineered to drive a quick release.

Shaft Construction
The RIBCOR 76K Hockey Stick has a traditional T-Shaped Shaft Geometry. The square-shaped design provides players the traditional feel that feels comfortable when handling the puck and shooting.

Blade Construction
The CCM 76K Stick features Ascent Blade 2 technology, with Peel Ply Blade Texture. This blade is constructed with a softer heel which transitions seamlessly to an extra stiff toe. This allows the player to have an enhanced level of puck feel and a quick release off the blade. C6 carbon weave is also applied to the blade, which adds to the stiffness and strength for enhanced durability.

The CCM RIBCOR 76K Stick is an all black stick, with neon green graphics and highlights, which stays true to the previous RIBCOR stick lineage.

Blade Patterns/Flex/Lengths
50 Flex (P28, P29, P88, P90TM), L/R, 54”
40 Flex (P28, P29, P88, P90TM), L/R, 51”


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