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S20 Prodigy GSX Catcher YTH REG

S20 Prodigy GSX Catcher YTH REG
S20 Prodigy GSX Catcher YTH REG
S20 Prodigy GSX Catcher YTH REG
S20 Prodigy GSX Catcher YTH REG
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All new for 2020, Bauer has introduced their newest glove in the Bauer Prodigy line for goaltenders learning to play the game with the Bauer GSX Prodigy Youth Goalie Glove. Read more..


The Bauer GSX Prodigy is specifically designed to provide the easiest experience for every young goaltender before and during their time on the ice.

Starting off with the build of the GSX Prodigy, this glove comes as a one piece cuff design which brings rigidity throughout use while providing a clean blocking surface they need during in tight situations. The GSX will also come with an easy to close, and very comfortable 75-degree closure that gives the goaltender the ability to catch pucks above or past the fingertips.

Bauer’s GSX Glove will feature a Double T-Spine which adds more lacing in to the pocket of the glove. With more lace being added, it reduces the amount of plastics and materials to help retain pucks that enter the pocket. This Double T-Spine has a beautiful skate lace pocket to retain pucks and keep a soft catch over the lifespan of the glove.

Moving around to the back of the GSX Prodigy, a Free Flex backhand starts across the back of the fingertips and moves all the way up through the wrist which will give the goalie full range of movement to get their hand in position to make key saves. Bauer has equipped the inside of this glove with a Nash liner to keep this glove light weight and comfortable.

If you are an entry-level goaltender looking for the best glove for a young starting out goaltender which makes catches quick and easy, look no further than the Bauer GSX Prodigy Youth Goalie Glove.


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