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S20 GSX Prodigy Goal Stick YTH Left

S20 GSX Prodigy Goal Stick YTH Left
S20 GSX Prodigy Goal Stick YTH Left
S20 GSX Prodigy Goal Stick YTH Left
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The Bauer GSX Prodigy YTH Composite Goalie Stick is their new recreation level stick. It features a flat paddle with carbon glass construction, along with a comfortable dual concave carbon wrapped shaft. The GSX Prodigy goalie stick is a durable, lightwei Read more..

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Shaft Construction
The GSX Prodigy youth goalie stick features a comfortable double concave design with a durable carbon wrap.

Paddle Construction
The GSX Prodigy stick features a flat paddle design along with Bauer’s Ergo paddle geometry made up of a carbon wrap construction. 

Blade Construction/Stiffness
The blade of the GSX Prodigy goal stick is made of a durable carbon glass construction.

The Bauer GSX Prodigy youth goal stick is available in a white base with black and silver accents.

The GSX Prodigy youth goal stick features a comfortable shoulder similar to that of many tried and true Bauer sticks.

Blade Patterns, Paddle Lengths, Stick Lengths, Weight, Level of Play
The Bauer GSX YTH Goalie Stick is available in Bauer’s standard youth sizing; 20”. The GSX is only available in Bauer’s P31 blade pattern.


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