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S20 AXIS A1.5 Goalie Chest Protector Jr

S20 AXIS A1.5 Goalie Chest Protector Jr
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CCM’s AXIS line introduces a new way to defend your crease by providing superior impact protection while still maintaining flexibility and maximum coverage. CCM has completely redesigned the shoulder shape of this chest protector to impose a more intimida Read more..

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External Material
CCM uses nylon and mesh on the exterior of the AXIS A1.5 chest protector providing durability while still maintaining comfort and breathability.

Internal Foams
The AXIS A1.5 is equipped with PE Foams in the chest and HD Foams in the sternum and ribs area for extra impact protection. The combination of these foams on the chest protector are ideal for a lightweight feel while also optimal protection. 

Shoulder Caps
CCM’s new shoulder shape brings in a square contoured design for the AXIS chest protector line. This new shape brings a more imposing look to the goalie in the net while also maintaining the desired flexibility. The shoulder floaters are fully segmented and can be adjusted with velcro to ensure the perfect fit.

The arms on the AXIS A1.5 provide superior protection and mobility. CCM uses a square design with HD foams to maximize net coverage while not sacrificing any mobility at all allowing you to stretch out and make those difficult saves.

Elbow Caps
The CCM AXIS A1.5 chest has double shield front elbow floaters, providing more protection while also allowing more mobility. These help to cover more area, while also preventing stingers. This chest protector has plastic elbow cups and is extremely adjustable due to the independently adjustable elbow section. 

Back Straps
The CCM AXIS A1.5 has an endless number of straps and Velcro to guarantee you get the right fit for you. The shoulders have multiple adjustments, for the floaters, chest height and shoulder width. The ribs are also further reinforced with multi-segmented HD foams for upgraded protection and mobility.

Sizes & Colors
The CCM AXIS A1.5 comes in black with accents of orange and yellow. The sizes for the junior model include small/medium and large/extra large.


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