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S20 Axis 1.9 Sr Goal Stick Price

S20 Axis 1.9 Sr Goal Stick Price
S20 Axis 1.9 Sr Goal Stick Price
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The name of the game with CCM’s AXIS 1.9 is reduced weight, and increased durability. A new streamlined shape helps get rid of excess weight while also increasing performance.The AXIS 1.9 will have you ready for your next save. Read more..

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Shaft Construction
The shaft of the AXIS 1.9 has a rounded shape and reinforced carbon construction for increased strength and impact resistance.

Paddle Construction
With the help of Zeroflux technology, vibrations are dampened through the lightweight paddle making rebound management and stick handling much easier. 

Blade Construction/Stiffness
The CCM AXIS 1.9 blade is made with Peel-Ply Technology which provides an optimized texture that helps to reduce weight further and increases puck control. 

The CCM AXIS 1.9 senior goalie stick comes in three different colourways: white/red, white/blue, and white/black. 

Blade Patterns, Paddle Lengths, Stick Lengths, Weight, Level of Play
The CCM AXIS 1.9 senior goalie stick offers standard CCM sizing of 25”, 26” and 27”. Additionally, CCM offers two curve options: Price(P1) and Crawford (P4).


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