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S20 AS3 Super Tacks Yth Stick P29 Crosby

S20 AS3 Super Tacks Yth Stick P29 Crosby
S20 AS3 Super Tacks Yth Stick P29 Crosby
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The CCM Tacks YTH Hockey Stick features a lightweight shaft designed for smaller hands, specifically designed blade for youth hockey players, and a fully gripped stick for better control and less rotation in a younger player's hands. Read more..

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Shaft Construction
The shaft of the YTH Tacks stick is lightweight and is specifically designed to fit smaller hands. This allows for better control for youth players. 

Blade Construction/Stiffness
The Tacks Youth Stick has a stiff blade and lightweight design, which has been specifically designed for younger players to be able to lift the puck and upgrade their shooting technique.

The Tacks YTH Hockey Stick stays true to the Tacks family graphics, with a black top half of the stick and a yellow bottom half and blade. This is unique to the Youth Tacks stick, which has been seen on previous youth models.

The CCM YTH Hockey Stick is fully gripped for better stick control and to minimize shaft rotation in the younger player's hands.

Blade Patterns/Flex/Lengths
30 Flex (P29), L/R, 48”
20 Flex (P29), L/R, 45”


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