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S20 3SPRO Goal Stick SR Left (P31)

S20 3SPRO Goal Stick SR Left (P31)
S20 3SPRO Goal Stick SR Left (P31)
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The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro SR Composite Goalie Stick is Bauer’s new performance level Supreme stick. Read more..

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Sporting a new lightweight Expandcel paddle core, a Carbon Glass shaft and a thin, and durable Textreme blade, the Bauer 3S Pro goal stick delivers exceptional performance you expect, at a reasonable price point.

Shaft Construction
The Bauer 3S Pro senior goal stick uses a lightweight Carbon Glass shaft construction increasing durability while saving weight.

Paddle Construction
The paddle of the Supreme 3S Pro goal stick is made of a durable silver carbon weave paddle wrapping around their new Expandcel Core. Bauer uses their Ergo + paddle geometry which refers to a slight concave on the front of the paddle reducing the chance of pucks skipping over compared to traditional paddle dimensions. The back of the paddle is slightly rounded, which allows the stick to easily be brought tight to the body when making saves in close.


Blade Construction/Stiffness
The blade of the 3S Pro goalie stick features a Textreme construction similar to that seen on higher end Bauer sticks. Using Textreme allowed Bauer to thin out the blade of the 3S Pro goal stick while giving it a much stiffer feel and more pop when playing the puck.

The 3S Pro senior goal stick has a variety of colour options on top of a silver base. These colours include Silver/Black, Silver/Red, Silver/Blue, and Silver/Navy.

The 3S Pro stick features the same textured grip zone as seen on the Ultrasonic stick, giving good control when holding the stick at the paddle while remaining slick enough for goalies to quickly slide their blockers to the top of the shaft when playing the puck.

Blade Patterns, Paddle Lengths, Stick Lengths, Weight, Level of Play
The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro SR Goalie Stick is available in Bauer’s standard 25”, 26” and 27” paddle heights, paired with their popular P31 blade pattern.


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