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S19 JetSpeed FT460 Goalie Jr Skates

S19 JetSpeed FT460 Goalie Jr Skates
S19 JetSpeed FT460 Goalie Jr Skates
S19 JetSpeed FT460 Goalie Jr Skates
S19 JetSpeed FT460 Goalie Jr Skates
S19 JetSpeed FT460 Goalie Jr Skates
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The New Jetspeed FT460 Junior Goal Skate is the performance skate being release by CCM this year. Featuring major improvements over CCMs previous skates as well as new features not yet seen on the goal market. Read more..

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New Features for the FT460 Skate
CCM’s new one-piece boot is designed for maximum transfer energy as well as eliminates the cowling.

Using Injected technology with synthetic composite material to keep the skate light and stiffness indicator score of 135.

The new Speedblade XSG holder is taller and features a quick release function for the first time on any CCM skate.

Skate Fit Profile
The FT460 sports injected technology designed to provide a full 360-degree fit, leaving little gaps between the foot and the skate.

Boot Construction / Stiffness / Level of Play
The boot is made up of synthetic composite to keep the skate light ad stiff with some give, scoring a 135 rating for stiffness. This skate is designed for those skating 1-2 times per week.

Liner & Internal Padding
CCM lines this skate with HD Micro Fiber to provide a comfortable fit while also being resistant to wear.

The FT460 has a felt tongue with embossed lace bite protection to protect while still being a comfortable to wear.

The FT460 goal skate comes with a standard CCM Fit System Insole.

CCM has debuted their new Speedblade XSG holder on the FT460 skate, making a cowlings officially a thing of the past. The XSG holder has added height to help the goalie be taller and enable a much better attack angle. This holder also has a quick release system similar to a dial to allow the quick changing of black when necessary.

The FT460 skate comes locked and loaded with CCM’s XSG1 blade providing excellent edge life and is 9% taller that the previous generation to give you more life out of your blades.


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