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Marsblade Kraft Pro Sr Roller Hockey Skate

Marsblade Kraft Pro Sr Roller Hockey Skate
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Marsblade O1 chassis complete with Kraft Pro boot. The O1 off-ice roller skates are powered by the patented Flow Motion Technology, a unique rocker that simulates ice skating, challenge players' balance and activate the right muscles to improve performanc Read more..


The patented Flow Motion Technology is based on a split chassis design with a rounded upper part rocking against a flat lower part. This creates a unique rocking motion that replicates the radius shaped ice blade and enables an ice-like skate feel. The Rocker is also designed to challenge players' balance and activate the core and stabilizer muscles to maximize your off-ice training with a completely different skating feel and training effectiveness compared to regular rigid inline skates.


Our stiffest hockey boot that offers maximum performance and support and equivalent to top skates used at pro level hockey. Perfect for pro’s and top prospects that want to optimize their off-ice training and maximize their on-ice performance. Constructed with injection molded composite PVC and heat moldable for a nice custom fit. Comes in skate sizes 6-11.5 and standard D-width.




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