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CCM RBZ Revolution Junior

CCM RBZ Revolution Junior
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CCM and TaylorMade Golf are back at it again, this time with the release of the RBZ Revolution hockey stick. This is the top of the line model in the latest from RBZ featuring golf-inspired technology, as well as new and already proven technologies seen in some of CCM. As other stick lines. The RBZ Revolution is the perfect shooter’s stick made for players who load up looking for power behind every single shot.

So, what makes the release of the RBZ Revolution so fast? The answer comes in FacePlate Technology. RBZ is still the only composite stick on the market that uses no internal foam or other dampeners; instead, CCM incorporated their Power Alloy, a metal blade face that was designed to increase C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) resulting in the hottest blade on the market! Think of it as being similar to a driver in golf, the metal Power Alloy not only maximizes the energy transfer from the blade to the puck but also features a larger sweet spot on the blade AND also gives the blade a more rigid and stiffened design to provide more accuracy. This combination was meant to deliver both powerful and accurate shots no matter where the puck comes off the blade.

The Revolution has a constant flex profile in the shaft, which gives you a Custom Kick Point that is determined by the placement of your lower hand. Typically, the kick point of a stick is predetermined by its construction for a specific type of release. The RBZ Revolution, however, adapts to your playing style. For the development of the shaft, CCM uses their highest grade of a proprietary composite blend which is a contributing factor in the relatively lightweight, remarkable durability and nice balanced feel. To further enhance the strength, the Revolution has been infused with Technora Aramid fibre reinforcements previously only seen on CCM’s Ribcor line. This is a fibre that is very similar to Kevlar but has many better-bending properties; this will keep the stick incredibly strong without affecting the performance!

CCM went the extra mile to come up with powerhouse 2 Technology. This is the same concept as powerhouse technology with the use of an internal rib in the hosel that acts as reinforcement within the taper. This reinforcement, however, has been made longer to sit deeper towards the heel of the blade. Benefits include increased stiffness for better energy transfer, helps to prevent torque on fully loaded shots, as well as to improve the overall durability of that tapered area.

CCM and TaylorMade have been continually evolving the RBZ family; with all the technological advances packed into this stick expect a ton of power and speed to revolutionize your game!


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