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Howies Clear Sock Tape 1.5"x 15 YD

Howies Clear Sock Tape 1.5"x 15 YD
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Nobody wants to feel their shin pads bouncing around under their socks. But you… you’re on a whole other level. You wrap your pads with shin pad tape once, twice, three times – you need those pads as snug as possible. Read more..


And why wouldn’t you – it’s what the pros do. In fact, we created Howies 1.5” clear shin pad tape at the request of some our players in The Show. With a half inch more coverage, our 1.5” clear sock tape makes sure to lock down those pads. Designed using the same formula as our 1” clear, it’s tough enough to keep your shinnys in place yet stretchy enough to expand/contract with your muscles – our 1.5” clear ensures maximum comfort for long hours on the ice.


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