Shin Pads

S18 Vapor 1X Lite JR Shin Guard-

The Bauer Vapor S18 1X Lite Junior Leg Pads are the lightest..

SG9080 JR CCM TACKS Prot Shin Guards 12

Elite fit and protection is now available in the new CCM Tac..

S18 Vapor XLTX Pro SR Shin Guard-

Get the specially made shin guard between a deal with Sports..

S19 Supreme 2S Pro YTH Shin Guard -

Engineered with the needs of the younger player in mind, the..

S19 Super Tacks AS1 Shin Guards Yth

Designed for the future stars of the game, the Youth Super T..

S19 Super Tacks AS1 Shin Guards Sr

The Super Tacks AS1 shin guard was designed to give elite pl..

Bauer Nexus N9000 Shin Guard SR-

Shin Cap: Thermoformed ergonomic cap
Knee Cap: Injected kne..
C$114.99 C$69.99

SGFT1 Jetspeed FT1 Yth Shin Guards

The Youth JetSpeed FT1 shin guards were developed to be ext..

S17 Supreme Ignite Pro SR Shin Guard-

Enjoy the Specially made product through a partnership with ..

S17 Supreme Ignite Pro+ SR Shin Guard-

A special shin guard designed through Bauer and Sports Excel..

S18 Vapor XLTX Pro+ JR Shin Guard-

SMU Vapor X:LTX Pro+ Shin Guard has ALL the features of the ..

S19 True XC9 Shin Guards JR

TRUE’s anatomic, lightweight XC9 Shin Guards provide optim..