SKAS1 Super Tacks AS1 Skate SR

The CCM AS1 comes with a Carbon Composite one-piece boot off..

S20 Super Tacks AS3 Skate Sr

The Super Tacks AS3 features several technologies that are f..

S20 Super Tacks Classic SE Skates SR

Model Year 2020
Brand CCM
Boot MetaFrame + RFM Composite (..

S18 Supreme 2S Pro Sr Skate

The Bauer 2S Pro Skates keep you light and explosive in ever..

Bauer Vapor X700 SR Skate-

The Bauer Vapor X700 Skates have a fibre composite, and uppe..
C$429.99 C$249.99

S20 Super Tacks Classic Skates SR

Model Year 2020
Brand CCM
Boot MetaFrame
Stiffness Perfor..

Bauer S17 Vapor 1X SR Skate-

There’s straight-ahead speed, and then there’s VAPOR 1X ..
C$999.99 C$599.99

Bauer Vapor X800 SR Skate-

Get more go in any direction with the optimal agility of the..
C$579.99 C$579.99

S19 Ribcor Maxx Pro Sr Skate

The CCM Ribcor Titanium Hockey Skate is the CCM 44K Ribcor o..

S19 JetSpeed FT490 Sr Skate

The CCM JetSpeed FT490 Skates builds upon the concepts that ..

S20 Supreme S37 Skate Sr

The Supreme S37 skate is for the skilled player looking for ..

S20 Supreme 3S Pro Skate Sr

The Supreme 3S Pro Skate is offered in our new Performance F..