Holders & Runners

CCM Orthomove Hockey Insoles

CCM Orthomove Hockey Insoles are a perfect match for you for..

TUUK LS3 Edge Pkg Pair

Players carry an extra stick, why not extra steel? Change qu..

Tuuk LS5 Carbon Edge Runner

The LIGHTSPEED 5 Carbon EDGE runner features our latest blad..

S18 Supreme S29 Goal Skate Sr-

o on the attack. Built with Curv® composite, this ultra-lig..

Bauer Reactor 7000 Goal Skate Sr-

The Bauer Reactor 7000 Senior Goalie Skate is a perfect ska..
C$369.99 C$249.99

Bauer Reactor 5000 JR Goal Skate

The Bauer Reactor 5000 Junior Goalie Skate is a great pick f..
C$199.99 C$139.99

VERTEXX Edge Goal Skate Holder

The Bauer VERTEXX Edge Goal Skate Holder is designed and dev..

TUUK LS2 Runners Pkg Pair

Keep an extra set of steel on you for a quick change of runn..

Speedblade XS1 Stainless Steel +2mm

The Speedblade XS1 Stainless Steel +2mm is designed to fit y..

LS3-G+ Vertexx Edge Goal Runner

Every moment on the ice has a potential for greatness. And w..

LS3-G Vertexx Edge Goal Runner

When you’re reading the situation out on the ice, staying ..

HSB CCM SB +4.0 Holder

Extra height off the ice give you a deep and agressive angle..