Youth (6.0Y - 13.5Y)

SK50K Ribcor 50K Yth Skate

CCM’s RIBCOR series was designed to give the player Mind B..
C$69.99 C$48.99

Bauer S17 Vapor XLTX Pro YTH Skate-

Bauer Vapor LTX Pro: an exclusive skate model developed in c..
C$109.99 C$67.49

S19 Jetspeed FT2 Yth Skates

Get the speed you need to stay ahead of the game with the CC..

Bauer Vapor X500 YTH Skate-

The Bauer Vapour X500 YTH skates is a good fit for your chil..

Bauer Supreme 160 YTH Skate-

Give your feet something comfortable to skate in with the Ba..
C$109.99 C$74.99

S17 VAPOR X300 SKATE - YTH R 07.0

The Bauer Vapor X300 is a great skate for someone with a nar..

S18 Supreme 2S YTH Skate

Get great comfort with the Bauer Supreme 2S Youth skate to e..

Bauer S17 Vapor X500 YTH Skate-

Learn the game and enjoy it with the Bauer Vapor X500 youth ..
C$109.99 C$65.99

S18 Supreme Ignite Pro YTH Skate

Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro: an exclusive skate model developed..

Bauer Supreme S 160 YTH Skate-

The Bauer Supreme skate family is built for explosive power ..
C$109.99 C$74.99