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H16 Bauer Nexus 1N Senior Griptac Stick

H16 Bauer Nexus 1N Senior Griptac Stick
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The 2017 Nexus lineup from Bauer is all about allowing you to hit what you’re aiming for every time. As Bauer’s TRU mid-kick flex profile this 1N Nexus model has become one of the most sought after sticks amongst NHL players. Read more..

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This year the revamped Nexus 1N features upgraded Sweet Spot Technology, an enlarged mid kick zone that Bauer has re-engineered to allow for more efficient loading and energy transfer in your shot. Working with the new control shaft geometry, the 2017 1N was built to load your shot with ease and put the puck in the back of the net consistently.

This is a real one-piece stick which means that it has been constructed through a single moulding process Bauer refers to as their Monocomp Technology; they can remove excess materials like carbon fibre and resin all while improving balance and ensuring performance consistency through this method of production. This is one of the main contributors to why this stick is as light as it is. Bauer also uses its exclusive TeXtreme® technology, which is a durable carbon fibre that is 20% lighter than conventional carbon easily seen as the visible square patterns throughout the entire shaft and blade. It has unique properties that optimize the overall balance and strength of the stick. Holding everything all together is the eLASTech resin system. This is a unique adhesive containing reinforcements in the resin that help reduce the spread of micro-fractures; this, in turn, helps extend the life of the sticks "pop," keeps it feeling like a new stick longer, and enhancing the overall durability of the stick.

One of the newest and most notable features of the 2017 1N is going to be with the introduction of Bauer’s Control Shaft geometry. To improve grip and contact with the stick, the 1N comes tooled with shaft corners that have been made 14% rounder than the previous 1N. Many have called this shaft type a kind of hybrid between both the Vapor and Supreme shaft geometries. The Control Shaft mostly has similarly rounded corners of the Vapor line with the thickness of the Supreme line. To finish off this new feel, the 2017 Nexus 1N is available in a beautiful matted non-grip finish or with the Griptac finish.

Moving further down the stick, you will find yet another new feature to the Nexus line up with the Easy-Load Taper. This new moderate taper gradually gets thinner as it nears the blade; players will get a more natural loading shot, which results in more consistency and more goals! This technology is also what contributes to the 1N’s enhanced Sweet Spot. Additionally, Bauer also equipped this with the expanded throat of the Pure Shot Blade Profile which means less torquing and twisting of the blade, thus improving accuracy and blade control.

The blade will remain the same as its 1N predecessor featuring the Power Sense Core 2. This energy absorbent core maximizes power and feels for the puck. There is also a lightweight Aero Foam 3 component in the heel that improves balance and core stability. The blade wrap features the same TeXtreme® technology that is used in the shaft and is finished with a light texture to the outer coating. If you are someone who only tapes a portion of the blade, that texture is going to provide an extra bite on the puck.

Whether you are looking to hit the net or win that championship title, get Bauer’s most advanced Nexus stick to date to help you aim for greatness.


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