Sr Player Skates

JetSpeed FT2 Sr Skate - 9.5D - MSRP $1149.99

The CCM Jetspeed FT2 comes with a one-piece boot giving you ..

Super Tacks AS1 Skate SR - 7D - MSRP $999.99

The CCM AS1 comes with a Carbon Composite one-piece boot off..
C$999.99 C$699.99

S18 Supreme 2S Pro Sr Skate - MSRP $999.99

The Bauer 2S Pro Skates keep you light and explosive in ever..
C$999.99 C$699.99

Bauer S17 Vapor 1X SR - 6D - MSRP $999.99

There’s straight-ahead speed, and then there’s VAPOR 1X ..
C$999.99 C$699.99

S18 Supreme Ignite Pro+ Sr Skate - MSRP $749.99

The Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Plus skates are based off your ..
C$749.99 C$599.99

S18 Nexus 2N SR Skate - 10.5D - MSRP $799.99

The Nexus 2N Skate is a skate designed for an elite level ho..
C$799.99 C$559.99

Bauer Vapor X800 SR - 10D - MSRP $579.99

Get more go in any direction with the optimal agility of the..
C$579.99 C$399.99