Sr Player Sticks

H16 Nexus 1N Sr Griptac Stick

The 2017 Nexus lineup from Bauer is all about allowing you t..
C$339.99 C$199.99

S18 BLACK Nexus 2N Pro Sr Stick

New for late 2019 is the Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Shadow Series In..
C$319.99 C$223.99

Sher-wood Rekker EK365 SR RHT P26 95 Flex

The New Rekker family is the successful result of many years..
C$259.99 C$129.99

S19 RIBCOR Trigger 4 Pro Grip Sr

Keep up with the speed of today’s game with CCM Ribcor Tri..
C$349.99 C$223.99

Sher-wood Rekker EK60 Sr - LFT P28 85 Flex

Sherwood was inspired and motivated to bring the hockey mark..
C$229.99 C$114.99

S19 BLACK Supreme 2S Pro Sr Stick - P92 77Flex

Brand new for late 2019 is the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Shadow S..
C$319.99 C$223.99

True A6.0 sbp Sr Stick

If you thought TRUE was a new company, guess again. With ove..
C$299.99 C$149.99

Nexus 1N Sr Griptac Stick

NEXUS TRU Mid-Kick flex profile with Sweet Spot Technology
C$319.99 C$169.99

Alpha QX Sr Stick - LFT P88 85 Flex

New for the 2017 season is Warrior’s Alpha QX Grip Senior ..
C$329.99 C$164.99

Alpha QX PRO Sr Stick - LFT P88 75 Flex

QUICK STRIKE | Effortless loading that engages our most expl..
C$239.99 C$164.99

S19 Super Tacks AS2 Pro Sr Stick

Brand new for this season is CCM latest iteration to their m..
C$349.99 C$244.99

S19 HSJFT2 Jetspeed FT2 Sr Stick

Shoot and Score from everywhere with the Jetspeed FT2 stick.